When war came to town

Over there was where it started and mostly stayed, but the First World War had hardly drawn breath before it came home to Leeds.

Cadets in the Officer Training Corps drill with bayonets on the grounds of their headquarters on campus. From our Special Collections.
Cadets of the University of Leeds Officers’ Training Corps practice Morse code with buzzers powered by batteries. From our Special Collections.

The war effort

A poster from the Liddle Collection, part of the University Library’s Special Collection. The Liddle Collection includes the personal papers of more than 4,000 people who lived through the First World War — includes items such as original letters and diaries, photographs, as well as written and tape-recorded recollections.
A group of cadets learn about foot care during a training march. Attached to the cap of their officers’ training corps uniform is a gryphon badge, representing the University of Leeds. From our Special Collections.
Students in the research laboratory of an explosives factory. From our Special Collections.

Mud and desolation

Cadets in the University’s Officer Training Corps. From our Special Collections.



The University of Leeds was founded in 1904, and its origins go back to the nineteenth century with the founding of the Leeds School of Medicine in 1831.

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