5 Things to Do in Lincoln this Summer

The Lincoln skyline with the state capitol in the distance on a sunny day

It’s summertime, and suddenly our schedules are wide open! Turns out that without class, campus activities and sports, we’ve got a whole lot of free time. We could stare at the TV screen all day, or we could get out and explore LNK. Check out some of our favorite ways to spend the summer below.


Did you know that Lincoln is home to 130 miles of trails? That’s a lot of ground to cover! Grab your helmet and lace up your sneakers — oh, and don’t forget your water bottle. You can take your own bike, or rent one from BikeLNK. There are also 132 parks within the city, and visiting each one sounds like an amazing summer bucket list endeavor.

Polaroids show the following scenes: a bike trail in the city, a sunset over buildings on campus, flowers blooming in the Sunken Gardens
Photo Credit: Florencia Zuloaga | University of Nebraska-Lincoln | Lonnie Bonnie Kreiter


The end of the semester means the end of tests, papers and presentations. And all that can get super stressful! That’s why we place a lot of importance on relaxing during the summertime. We recommend packing a picnic and a book for a nice lounge on the green space. Or if you want to really relax, take a group fitness yoga class at the Campus Rec. These classes focus on mindfulness, breathing and listening to what your body needs.


No, we don’t mean you have to shop til you drop! Summer is host to one of our favorite Lincoln activities — the Haymarket Farmers Market! Check out the market every Saturday morning for the freshest foods and best crafts from local artisans. Or visit the city’s shopping directory to find your new favorite shop and support local businesses any time of the week.

Polaroids show the following scenes: two people smiling for the camera the Farmers Market, vendors selling goods at the market, two people getting a photo with the flowers they bought
Photo credit: Laura Derowitsch | Downtown Lincoln | Rachel Kniefl


Even though you’re out of class, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new! Expand your understanding of racial equity through these resources from the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. Or, you can immerse yourself in new experiences through a local museum. The Larsen Tractor Museum is right on East Campus, and the National Museum of Roller Skating is also a favorite.

Snag a Scoop

Summertime is sweet tooth time to us! We recommend ending all those 90-degree Nebraska days with a spoonful of frosty ice cream. Definitely check out the Dairy Store, Ivanna Cone, 402 Creamery, Zesto or snag a soft-serve from Runza.

Polaroids show the following scenes: three people holding ice cream cones near Ivanna Cone, a person laughing with her ice cream outside Zesto and roommates enjoying dishes of ice cream from 402 Creamery
Photo credit: Ethan Dunn (Ivanna Cone) | Tara Thompson (Zesto) | Megan Fehr (402 Creamery)

We hope you all have the best summer vacation. And hey, if you’re in LNK maybe give some of our tips a try!

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