Do it for the Gram: Insta-Worthy Spots at Nebraska

Adele Coryell Hall Learning Commons and the cupola peaking through white flowers.

🎶 There is no place like Nebraska, Dear old Nebraska U. 🎶

And the campus views are just one reason this is true. No matter the season, there’s always something beautiful to photograph. We’ve made it easy for you to find spots on campus to snap a photo with this list of Insta-worthy locales.

Sheldon Museum of Art

For over 50 years, Sheldon Museum of Art has brought art to the community with new exhibitions and a collection of over 13,000 artworks. And the museum provides the perfect location to take photos. Snap a pic as you take in the art or use the museum’s tall ceilings, grand staircase and beautiful limestone as your backdrop.

From Yinka Shonibare’s towering 20 foot Wind Sculpture III to Tom Otterness’ Fallen Dreamer (right), there is also plenty of art to check out in the sculpture garden around the museum year round.

A person walks in front of old music posters; the sun sets on Sheldon; someone lays behind the Fallen Dreamer statue
ashley.tuma (2018 Sheldon Exhibit “The Long 1968”) | aligblack (Sept. 2018) | calangoss (Tom Otterness’ “Fallen Dreamer”)


Part of Sheldon’s collection, Greenpoint is an iconic sculpture situated near the Adele Coryell Learning Commons on Nebraska’s City Campus. Snap a photo to capture this signature view of the Mueller Bell Tower through the 16 foot tall steel piece or step inside for an even more ~artistic~ shot.

Sun setting behind Greenpoint; a person poses inside Greenpoint; the Learning Commons peak through Greenpoint
robinson_parker (July 2019) | igervin (Aug. 2019) | rdemaro (April 2020)

Memorial Stadium

Seated on the west side of campus, Memorial Stadium is one of (if not the most) iconic photo destinations on campus. Whether you snag a shot at a sold-out game or capture the perfect sunset behind the stadium, is your Instagram really complete without a photo here?

Fireworks at a Husker game; Memorial Stadium in the distance on a bridge; the National Championship statue outside stadium
thatonemitchkid (2019 home game against Northwestern) | zuby.m (Aug. 2019) | stephaniegries (May 2020)

Earl G. Maxwell Arboretum

More than 50 years ago one man began to plant trees near a creek that meandered through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus. Today, those oaks and evergreens are a towering woodland and the heart of a unique five-acre area bearing his name. And from these photos, you can see that it’s the perfect place to document the changing seasons.

A bridge surrounded by tress; students examining plants; pink and yellow flowering bushes
ercellivanhoephotography (Nov. 2019) | craigchandlerne (June 2019) | kateheltzel (May 2020)

Archie the Mammoth

Nebraska’s iconic Archie the mammoth sculpture has been in place welcoming Morrill Hall visitors for over 20 years. But Archie holds power for students too. Campus legend claims that a high-five from the mammoth brings good luck — and the perfect Instagram photo. 😉

A student touches Archie’s paw; a dog touches Archie’s paw with it’s own; A student touches Archie’s paw
marissaheimes (March 2020) | grace.wiseman (Feb. 2020) | dellaleephotography (May 2020)

Love Library

We LOVE Love Library. As one of the first buildings you see as you enter campus, the library is a beacon of home and definitely provides a postcard-worthy view.

NSE leaders pose in front of the library; the library peaks through trees; a person walks toward the library
callie.pancoe (Summer 2019 New Student Enrollment Orientation Leaders) | maria_smal (Aug. 2018) | emilyy.gayy (May 2020)

UNL Dairy Store

The Dairy Store on East Campus has been serving up handmade ice cream since 1917! Stop by one of the ~coolest~ spots on campus for a sweet treat and a photo. Did you even have ice cream if Insta doesn’t see it?

Three students eat ice cream outside the Dairy Store; a person holds up a pink and blue cone; students pose with ice cream
allyssahynesphoto (Nov. 2017) | unldairy (Blueberry Custard) | gabby.mckenna (Jan. 2020)

Nebraska Union

From blankets of snow to vibrant fall leaves, the campus views from the Nebraska Union — and the surrounding Meier Commons and Broyhill Fountain — never, ever get old.

Students walking across greenspace; NSE leaders pose at the fountain; sunny day outside the union
craigchandlerne (Aug. 2019) | kelvinang273 (Summer 2019 New Student Enrollment Orientation Leaders) | emily_bergen (Oct. 2019)

Old Glory

Another sculpture from Sheldon’s collection, Old Glory stands tall behind Louise Pound Hall. Legend has it you can make out every letter of the alphabet in sculpture. While you try to find A-Z, take in the angles and snap a few pictures.

A look up at the statue; snow covers Old Glory; a sunny day by the statue
maddie_haden (May 2020) | justinmohling (Jan. 2019) | ydronelife (June 2018)

If you make your way to campus for photos, be sure to tag @UNLincoln on Instagram so we can see your shots.

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