Meet a Husker: Alec Rome

Alec Rome is a New Student Enrollment leader and a broadcast production major with a minor in psychology from Omaha, Nebraska.

What does being a Husker mean to you?

It means that I’m proud to be from here, I have a grit that is unmatched to other places, and an attitude that I can carry with me wherever I go. Being a Husker is a unique, special experience that connects so many people from different backgrounds, locations and career fields.

What is your favorite thing about Lincoln?

This city has so many different spots, styles, vibes, etc. Everyone can find a home here in this city. There are great places to eat with friends, parks to explore, bike trails and so much on the UNL campus to explore. You’ll find a favorite thing to do, study spot, meal and more while you’re here.

Alec Rome smiles at a poker table
Alec is also the founder of UNL Poker Club.

Best advice to a new college student:

This is the time to reinvent yourself. Try something new, focus on how you want to live the rest of your life, imagine what your future might be like. You can bring whatever you want from your high school experience, but for me, I wanted to find new ways to improve my career skills and explore who I am.

Talk about an impactful experience.

COVID was incredibly difficult for my mental health. Not only did I have family dealing with health issues, I was having to figure out and process all kinds of emotions and stressors. Going to CAPS and actually admitting that I needed help was a real breakthrough in my college career and in my life as a whole.

What is something a Husker should make sure to try while they’re a student?

Don’t miss out on going to athletics. Not just for the sake of the team, but for the experience and to understand how much it means to the community and our campus. There’s not a lot of places that bring the energy quite like Nebraska.

A seating area in The Bay
Photo Credit: @thebay_ on Instagram

Where is your favorite place to study/relax/meet up with others?

My favorite spot to meet up with others has to be at The Bay. Whether it’s for a casual hangout, studying or going to a concert, The Bay creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Is there a particular experience on-campus that taught you a lot?

This experience (New Student Enrollment) certainly taught me so much about myself and gave me the confidence to be in front of people again. Being an Orientation Leader is special and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What are your tips for adjusting to something new?

Be open to the experience, and be willing to try. 9 times out of 10, being open to a new experience brings great things with it. I used to not really love change and new things, and now my life is full of it because I’m okay with it.

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