NU for NE: University of Nebraska–Lincoln Outreach

Engagement in the broader Nebraska community is a key aim of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Check out a few ways the university collaborates with local communities to make an impact.

Connecting Nebraska’s farmers with buyers

Produce is set up on a table at a farmers market

Partnering with the national platform MarketMaker, Nebraska Extension launched a state-specific database to help local farmers and producers. Through the platform, farmers can connect with nearby grocers, restaurant owners, schools, farmers markets, processors and other components of the local food system, giving Nebraska producers an inroad into new markets. Read more here.

Preparing students for college

An exterior photo of Lincoln Northeast High School

A partnership between Lincoln Public Schools and the university’s College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources is helping middle and high schoolers explore pathways — including early college credit — that will help them pursue careers or higher education in food, energy, water and societal systems fields. Read more here.

Working to improve communities

Ahmed and Laurent take a photo in Gothenburg
Rural Fellows Ahmed Al Rawahi (left) and Laruent Ikuzwe moved cattle to pasture with Gothenburg residents as part of the Rural Fellows Program in summer 2021.

Through the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ Rural Prosperity Nebraska initiative, students work on 10-week internships in communities throughout the state of Nebraska. The students team up with mentors and leaders in their assigned communities to plan and execute community-improvement projects that have been designed by the communities themselves to meet the needs of local residents. Read more here.

Providing the gift of hearing

A patient is fitted with a hearing aid

More than 40 years after the university’s Barkley Speech Language and Hearing Clinic helped create the Sertoma Hearing Aid Bank, it has become one of the most successful hearing aid banks in the country. The goal of the Sertoma Hearing Aid Bank at the time it was established was to provide the gift of hearing to low-income individuals ages 65 and older throughout the state, and that goal remains today. Since it was founded, more than 5,000 senior citizens across Nebraska have benefited from the partnership. Read more here.

Assisting with flood recovery

An aerial photo from the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency shows vast flooding in Nebraska.

In mid-March 2019, Winter Storm Ulmer combined heavy snow and rain with extreme cold, which triggered unprecedented flooding and the University of Nebraska system mobilized to provide support. Along with first responders, the National Guard and countless volunteers, Nebraska Extension and the Nebraska Public Policy Center were on the front lines, helping individuals, businesses, agricultural producers and governmental entities navigate the confusion and chaos left by the floods. Read how their work with flood relief has continued over the years here.

Leading summer activities

Nora pours a solution into a volcano-like science experiment with children
Husker Nora Husein conducts a science experiment during her after-school club in 2019.

Through the Huskers After-School and Summer Learning Opportunities (HALO) Program, University of Nebraska–Lincoln students are leading Nebraska K-12 children in summer activities while developing new skills themselves. The collaboration among the University Honors Program, Student Affairs, Nebraska Extension and Beyond School Bells is an extension of the work Honors students have been doing for several years. Read more here.

Improving farming technologies

A drone flies over a corn field

The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network consists of producers from across the state who work with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln to try out new technologies and emerging practices in their own operations. Projects range from nitrogen use efficiency to enhancing the adoption of soil health management systems and ultimately work to add efficiencies and increase yield for local producers. Read more here.

Lending a helping hand

Huskers smile for a photo at a private residence where they helped rake up leaves

Each year, hundreds of Huskers dedicate a day to give back to the Lincoln community to help out at private residences, local parks and nonprofits. Now a decades-old event, the Big Event has also grown into the university’s single largest student-run community service project. Read more here.

Providing hands-on learning

Kathy Farrell, dean of the College of Business, speaks during the announcement of the new Nebraska Business focus program at Lincoln’s Standing Bear High School on May 10. Seated behind her are (from left) Chancellor Ronnie Green, Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent Steve Joel and Standing Bear Principal Sue Cassata.

Lincoln Public Schools and the Nebraska’s College of Business recently partnered to launch Nebraska Business at Standing Bear High School. The LPS focus program will provide hands-on immersive experiences and early college pathways that will allow high schoolers explore their passions and career opportunities in marketing, management, accounting, finance, supply chain and economics. Read more here.

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