UTM Computer Science: Headstart, Residence Move-In

This past week was my beginning with the UTM experience, where I took part in the transition programs and finally moved into residence.


The head start programwas amazing, I got to connect with so many people it was very easy to find friends. I have met and hanged out with about 20 people in these two days. The activities itself were pretty average, a lot of it was easy to learn from basic research. Here are some notes I collected:

  • You could borrow electronic equipment from the UTM library (headphones, chargers, etc)
  • Before University starts, you will be able to find the course Syllabus in https://student.utm.utoronto.ca/timetable/
  • The shelves in the library are mobile, and you could go on the library website to find specific locations of books.
  • When reading, it is more effective to read for twenty minutes, take a 5-minute break, and continue reading.
  • Students should visit Office Hours whenever they need help, for instance, if there is an essay due, the student should at least get an outline and discuss it with the prof.
  • In writing, you can never use the word “proves”, a better alternative is the word “Highly suggests”
  • If a student misses an exam, they are eligible for one free deferral with no questions asked.
  • Practicals are like exercises that TA is guiding you through, whereas tutorials are just more examples reinforcing the knowledge gained in class.
  • The textbook is usually meant as a “study afterward” material, it is not commonly used in the lectures.
  • Students tend to write down everything the professor says rather than think, it is better to pay attention and get the notes from someone else later.
  • In math courses, reading a solution does not prepare students to solve questions, it is important to actually work through problems
  • A recommended strategy to study is turning notes into exam questions: try to take examples, textbook, and assignment questions and change them to create a sample test.
  • Once you solved a mathematical problem, a good strategy is to reflect on the way you solved it. Does the answer make sense? Would you be able to solve a similar problem in the future?
  • Even if you can’t arrive at your Professor’s Office Hours you can book an appointment, or go to another professor’s office hours.
  • Students can attend any of the lectures available to them, even if they are signed in a different lecture session.


I am living in Erindale Hall, Residence move-in was fairly easy. I arrived with my family at our designated timeslot. Many people were there to help us to get to the residence and set up everything. It took only about 20 minutes to get to the room.

After setting up and leaving my parents, I met my neighbors and the Don (an upper year student who is responsible for our apartment). We got to know the other people on our floor and took a tour around campus.

Following this, we had the Welcome Home ceremony which was a badly organized activity. There were some inspiring speakers later, but for the first part of it, the upper years were just dancing UTM songs while we sat there.

The next day we had more orientations including Res101 which gave us some general information about what to do. We also had a 3-hour orientation which was extremely boring, most of the stuff you should be able to find online. I would recommend you either come to these events to socialize, or you spend your time doing something meaningful like preparing for your classes (many syllabuses are posted by this time).

At night we had a cheer off activity where we came up with songs and presented them.

The last orientation event was the best, it was a party at Centre Island. An amazing place, and I would recommend going to it.




A publication to track my experience going to the University of Toronto Mississauga, at the Computer Science Program

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