UTM Week #2

The second week of University was pretty crazy, things are definitely warming up and work is coming in.

CSC108: Introduction to Computer Programming

We went pretty fast, the course already got to functions and it’s only been the third lesson. I’ve completed the first PCRS, which are the exercises we must complete, sort of free marks. It is worth an overall 8% of our final grades. Many of the questions are tricky, I tried to answer questions without going through the videos, but I got some answers wrong (there is no penalty, you just have to complete everything). If anyone wants to check it out, we found out that all the PCRS material are taken from this Coursera videos + exercises: https://www.coursera.org/learn/learn-to-program?.

UTM118: Science of Learning

We looked at critical thinking, and how it improves learning. Also, all groups got to choose their topic of research out of 11 available topics, some I remember are:

  • Note Taking

Our top 3 choices were (1) Time Management, (2) Test Taking & Preparation, (3) Note Taking. Our group got our first choice.

MAT102: Introduction to Mathematical Proofs

We started learning about different proof methods, such as proof by contradiction and contrapositive. We learned about divisibility theorem, how to represent even and the odd numbers formally, how to construct truth tables, and what are mathematical statements & connectives.

Me and my friend went to look at a different lecture for MAT 102, the one taught by Andie Burazin. It was extremely helpful for a better understanding of the course. She seemed very enthusiastic like she wanted students to succeed, she organized the material in handouts and she used the lecture time to teach us examples rather than the pure basics.

Also, the first problem set is due on September 20th. It wasn’t an easy one, after working through it I find that:

  • 2 Questions are straight-forward

They set the CS POST guarantee for MAT102 to be 80%, this means that if you get 80% or above you will make it in the program. This certainly results in a lot of pressure on doing well in this problem set and the upcoming quiz on September 19th.

MAT137Y: Calculus

The class currently focuses on learning proof techniques. We have covered direct proof, contradiction, contrapositive, and induction. All of these are in the context of sets and the operation on sets.

The first homework assignment was due on September 15th. It was fair, most of the questions were straight-forward and it seems like they did not try to make this too hard. There was one question many people found difficult, I found it straight-forward though. There were a lot of easy marks you could have lost for not paying attention to the difference between a square bracket and a round bracket.

The course textbook is made at UTM (Calculus in One dimension) so I had to buy the textbook through the bookstore. I did not get a chance to buy it yet because I first tried to get it through Kiji but it wasn’t available. The course uses the textbook for practice problems, so it is necessary to buy eventually. Luckily it only costs $45.

EDS100: Introduction to Education Studies

We took a closer look at why study education, for instance, you have probably seen this visual before:

Well, it turns out that the numbers described in this table were never actually created. Someone took Dan’s cone of experiment and modified it to make this average retention rate, without any study to back this up.

Also, I received my first assignment in this course, which is an Annotated Bibliography. Essentially the assignment is to go to https://eric.ed.gov/ and look for peer-reviewed articles and then summarize the articles and synthesize what idea do they collectively lead to. It’s up to 3 pages (single-spaced/1.25 spaces), which means that the emphasis is on quality and an effective summary.

Other Updates:

  • I lost my phone, for a day. Someone returned it to the lost & found which is located in the CCT building. Also, I later realized the date I lost it was Friday the 13th.

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