UTM Week #3: First Assignments

Today marks the completion of my third week at UTM. It was an engaging week, and I got to learn a lot of new things while also enjoying the week with my new friends. My distribution courses assigned lots of readings on top of two annotated bibliography deadlines coming up. I also saw a slice of cake priced at $10 in OPH. In general, I find that the OPH food has been worse than other food places on campus. Anyway, here are specific updates on how my courses have been going.

MAT102: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

The course continued teaching proofs. We learned about three different types of proofs: direct proof, contrapositive, and proof by contradiction. We also learned about negations, truth tables, and the converse of a statement.

We had our first quiz, it wasn’t hard, but it was also easy to make mistakes. The professor was nice and posted quiz solutions right after the quiz, so I knew exactly how I did. One mistake I made was that I forgot negative numbers could divide other numbers, so when asked “what are all integers that divide 6?” I forgot that -1, -2, -3, and -6 also count. I think one tip I could use to not make this mistake in the future is to try to solve the multiple choice question without looking at the options first.

EDS100: Introduction to Education Studies

The course discussed the history of education with regard to what shaped education. We discussed how education was shaped (why did some people just decide to make school?), and how people decided what to teach students. We learned that in history, everything is relative to the reference point it is being taught from.

UTM118: Science of Learning

This week was focused on critical reading, we handed in our first group contract and had the first reading response. It was just a straightforward question asking what are the results of an article we read. The course takes the best 5 out of 7 reading responses.

We have the annotated bibliography & outline for our group due, so I booked a meeting for my group with the Academic Skill Centre. It’s pretty nice that we get a 45-minute slot to discuss our work. Hopefully we can get some good feedback.

MAT137: Calculus

The course continued with proofs. We learned about properties of mathematical functions (domain, codomain, image, etc), and proof by induction. So far I have enjoyed this class, although it does move at a fast pace. Professor Jaimal Thind has been great and I have been learning a lot. Many of the concepts here are ahead of MAT 102, which allows me to practice the same material twice in two different courses.

Also, I finally bought the textbooks for $60 instead of the actual price ($90) so I would recommend looking on Kijiji for people selling textbooks. We will soon have our first upcoming quiz (1% of our final grade) and I have started studying by solving the textbook practice problems and discussing the solutions with my friends.

CSC108: Introduction to Computer Programming

The course continued looking at functions, scope, etc. The lectures were surprisingly very engaging. Even though it’s an introduction to programming course, they teach the content with a bit more of a theoretical perspective. The course isn’t challenging me, but many students with no prior programming experience seem to struggle because the professor moves fast. For instance, for the in-class exercises, I could barely finish them during the 4-minute period we are given so I imagine how much harder this is for someone with no experience.

Edit: I am still alive, but this is currently the last post in the series, as I have been swamped with work in the following weeks. I have enjoyed writing this series and I hope this helped some people get a sense of what University is like.

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