Uniworld EU Hackathon 2022 Application Guide: The largest Blockchain Hackathon for students in EU

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One of the aspirations and ambitions of blockchain and cryptocurrency is the abolition of financial borders and the decentralization of power so that it can be distributed to the masses. Europe is always considered as a dynamic market for innovation and technology. With geographical advantages, Hungary acts as a central place connecting both Europe and Central Asia. With the high-quality education systems, modern technology system, Budapest is a potential city for Industry 5.0 in the near future. They are the reasons for us — Uniworld & Hackathon Blockchain set up our steps here.

We aim to change that with the first Virtual Uniworld EU Hackathon! Our judges and speakers include Daika Ginza, CEO of Uniworld, Nobuyuki Sato, Former General Manager at Mitsubishi Corporation, Tamas Czegledi, CEO of Meddictive & Blockchaineum as well as leaders from DLT Architect, Daniel Szego. This hackathon is supported by Uniworld.

The Hackathon will be a two-day event, ending on the 20st of February, and features several keynote speeches, including Daika Ginza, CEO of Uniworld, Nobuyuki Sato, Former General Manager at Mitsubishi Corporation, Tamas Czegledi, CEO of Meddictive & Blockchaineum and Daniel Szego. Over €130,000 worth of prizes (USDT+UNW) are being offered from Uniworld, along with individual prizes from other partners. There will be workshops with experts on developing DeFi protocols, building on the Unichain, NFTs, and more. The contest is open to all EU students and will have several categories for winners.

You can find out more about Uniworld Hackathon here: hackathon.uniworld.io and about the documents for developers here: https://developers.unichain.world/; https://unichain.world; https://github.com/uniworld-io

We expect the participants to join our channel on discord to get the real-time information on how to start building on Unichain.

About Uniworld Hackathon

A world-first, the international Uniworld Hackathon EU is a joint initiative between the Blockchaineum — A strategic hub where technology projects & companies can find answers to basic and special business challenges, and esteemed fintech company and cryptocurrency provider, Uniworld.

This initiative is a prime opportunity for you to:

· Contribute to social good by pursuing your interests

· Ideate, build and deliver a blockchain-driven solution

· Connect with like-minded people and world-leading experts in IT

The Uniworld Hackathon EU is open to students across the EU

What does it mean to participate in the Uniworld Hackathon EU

The University: Blockchain technology could transform the way businesses operate, and it has wide-ranging applications from banking and finance to healthcare and insurance. The university can help participants apply their interests and knowledge in blockchain technology to address a global need that can really make a difference in the world.

The teachers: Blockchain technology has so many applications and this hackathon to demonstrate how this technology can be a driving force for social good.

The students: The organizers are looking for ambitious students that are forward-thinking, innovative, and ready to take up challenges by creating the next Big Thing. These students must be dedicated, committed to the project, hardworking, and with strong backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, statistics, business/entrepreneurship, economics, cryptography, or blockchain, and any other related field

The teams: Across the two-day hackathon ( February 19th 2022 — February 20th 2022), participants will have the opportunity to ideate, build and deliver a blockchain-driven solution that addresses a societal challenge to be judged by world-leading IT experts.

About Uniworld

UniWorld.io was made to accelerate the full adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) faster than could be done by any single entity. To make the world a better place by eliminating human error and reducing machine faults.

Uni isn’t just one product, it’s an ecosystem consisting of chat bots (UniBot), custom bots (UniMe), a highly scalable, multi-purpose Blockchain (the core product, UniChain mainnet),a multi-purpose social platform (Mia.World) and other applications. Uni is all about execution rather than inventing and simply improves and combines existing technologies like in the case of UniChain (HotStuff + DPoS) with the necessary R&D behind it to reach where others don’t. UniLab has been established in 2013 as a part of UniWorld.io (legal UniWorld Inc.) to research and develop smart society tech. With the adoption of Blockchain technology, AI has been brought to new heights. New business concepts were built to fit the new smart society 5.0. A blend of AI, Blockchain and Smart City tailored solutions that’s UniWorld.

Call For Sponsors Opportunities

Sponsors are the backbone of the Uniworld Hackathon. With your valuable support, we can organize this great event that the entire blockchain community is waiting for.

Any profits generated after this event will be reinvested into our Uniworld ecosystem and its initiatives. By sponsoring the Uniworld Hackathon, you are extending your contribution to the blockchain community, a contribution that is essential to keeping this valuable community active.

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