Walk to Win.

All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” ―Friedrich Nietzsche
Getting clear on the South Downs

One of the things Jake and I noticed on our first ever adventure together was that walking gave us time to talk. Really talk. It’s all that talking that helped us reflect on where we were at in life and contributed to the change that adventure made in us. Being in a place with none of the societal or digital distractions we faced daily really allowed us to think clearly and got us down to the good stuff, the important stuff. The same went for after Unknown Epic was a ‘thing’. We had a name, and we had a purpose — ‘Remind people that life is an epic adventure’, this means creating remarkable moments that spark that child like wonder, leave people with confidence and an increased respect for nature.

However, we still weren’t sure what our offering really was. We took to the hills and walked again. Ideas poured out of us. And all of a sudden we had tons of concepts and things we wanted to test out. So we set about meeting as many people in business as we could, after all neither of us had any idea how to set one up! We suggested to take some of the meetings early on in our ‘business’ journey while walking. We noticed that after each of these meetings, we and whoever we were chatting with felt noticeably more inspired and energised than those meetings where we had just grabbed a coffee or sat in an office. The other thing we noticed is that we felt more natural and relaxed when talking to people we looked up to. Just the simple act of walking meant we were sharing such a basic human experience and removed much of the hierarchy from our consciousness. That formal feeling of being the opposite side of a desk or board room table was gone and walking brought us all to the same human level. As a result our meetings were far more honest and productive.

From one of our first ever Walkshops

We started to ask ourselves why don’t more people take meetings and workshops outside, and while walking?

We’d felt the massive benefits of walking and surrounding ourselves with nature first hand and we’re not the only ones. Science is proving it, the worlds leading thinkers do it, and for a lot of us it is just simply obvious.

So why don’t people do it in business? How many hours do people spend sat on a chair not moving? Why are grey rooms around the world still filled with people secretly struggling for energy? People are talking about thinking ‘outside the box’ while sat in a box. Endless hours are spent to an ending that we pretend is meaningful, when really we find answers so we can just leave that meeting room that’s feeling smaller by the second. Inspiration is being stunted everywhere.

The bottom line is that it can be a hassle. People get put off by the weather. It needs planning. Researching where to go, preparing food and drinks, getting everyone out of the office and then the city. What then? Just walk? It’s hard to trust that conversations without a rigid agenda will get results. But the opposite is true. Conversations when walking flow like water. They twist and meander smoothly but always find their way to a destination. If conversation get’s a bit lost , it naturally gravitates back towards where it should be heading. Ideas and solutions emerge when we walk away from the problem, get some space and relax.

We decided to break down these barriers for doing business in a different way. The Walkshop was born. By providing absolutely everything a team needs to spend focused time in an inspiring natural place to solve their problems and grow, we want to be the catalyst that gets businesses to swap the grey for the green.

So next time you have a meeting or are trying to solve a problem, GTFO the office and go for a walk. Head for a green space, to the sea, or even just under a tree. Whatever you have near by. Notice the affect it has on your discussions and creativity. And…if you want to get your whole team out together, we can help.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” — Confucius
On a Walkshop with The Happy Startup School Credit — Simon Edwards