Know better do better?

They say when you know better you do better.
I know better but I don’t want to do better.

My head knows you are not the one.
But my body and my heart,
tell me you are the one for right now.

The question is: How much will “now” cost me “later”?
Will it be worth the price?

I must be wise to choose the one worth hurting over.
I feel as if I am in a relationship that is over but still hasn’t ended.

Where will this end?
The knowledge I have acquired through heartache and pain apprehends what the future holds.
Unfortunately, the emotions, the feelings, and the tingling in my flesh are not concerned.

Truth is, there will be a price to pay when this is all over.
However this time the price will be what I choose it to be.

Because this time I knew better.
I just didn’t do better.



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