My Grapes are Sour and Difficult to Digest

But eat them, I must

Photo by Priscilla Fraire on Unsplash

Is it cool to talk about Vocal here on Medium? I don’t want to make a faux pas, but I just really want to talk about Vocal for a minute. I did a quick search and see a few stories talking about Vocal and the authors are still active, so it must be okay.

To be honest, this story is less about Vocal and more about me. Me and my sour…




This publication is about sharing stories and poems about life, lessons we’ve learned, things that we need to unlearn and many different topics that can teach or inspire.

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Karen Fayeth

Karen Fayeth

I work all day, I art all night. Find me at and karenfayeth on all the socials (Twitter, Insta, FB, etc)

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