Towards a Sustainable Future!

Who I am?

Fatima Alkhoori, Graduate Student and Research Assistant at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi,UAE

My name is Fatima Alkhoori. I am from United Arab Emirates(UAE), Abu Dhabi city. I have graduated from Higher Colleges of Technology in UAE, Abu Dhabi, as a Transportation Engineer. My major is considerably overlapping with Civil Engineering Technology. The combination of such majors gave me the opportunity to explore both sides (Urban and Transport). After that I have started my career in Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council in the Quality Infrastructure Division as a Standards Analyst, with a detailed focus on the Standardization aspects and the Quality Infrastructure elements.

Currently I’m pursuing my Master’s Degree in the Sustainable Critical Infrastructure Program at the world’s first institute dedicated to provide solutions of issues of sustainability (Masdar Institute of Science and Technology) in UAE, Abu Dhabi. The Sustainable Critical Infrastructure Program is highly related to my educational and work background.


Urban Sustainability (specifically in Transportation) is one of the main concerns that I am currently working on in my research. As it is addressing the issue of overloaded heavy commercial vehicles effect on the infrastructure and how efficient and safe transport infrastructure will contribute into the urban transport sustainability objectives.

Overloaded heavy commercial vehicles (OHV) is a worldwide issue that affects the infrastructure massively. OHV creates serious threats to the transport infrastructure, such as: a) Accident risk and accident severity (Truck instability, braking default, tire overheat and loss of manoeuvrability) b) Damage to the infrastructure (Permeant pavement failure) c) Economic impact (Large distortions in freight transport competition). An overload, in commuting system, is defined as a load that exceeds the legal truckload limit. The overload statistics depend on truck types specified by the number of axles. The truckload spectra generally represent a distinctly different pattern than that in lower load levels, which is especially true among trucks with five or more axles. The probability of occurrence of specific truck weights exceeding the legal load limit can be used to estimate the frequency of occurrence of heavier loads in transportation facilities and thus determine the damage potentials of overloads on the infrastructure. This information can be used along with routine engineering analysis that many pertinent road agencies conduct when issuing truck-overload permits.

It is anticipated that this research will contribute positively not only to the economy of Abu Dhabi city but also will have implications to address overloading issue that will impact overloading trucks cost in United Arab Emirates(UAE), cost of operation and maintenance of road infrastructure and will enhance the safety of the road users.

UNLEASH Participation

Video link :!Au5iNesRHppwkV71n2OIq6dy22RN

Participating in UNLEASH will be my golden opportunity to get my voice heard in the international arena, help shape the future of global sustainability challenges, enhance my networking opportunities and engaging with all the experts from all over the world, enhance my knowledge in the sustainability and renewable energy fields and to be able to enroll in decision making and strategic planning arena in the Sustainability field of work, develop solutions and innovative ideas which will make our world greener, healthier and more sustainable.