Unleash Lab Food SDG

When I was applying for college I didn’t really know what I wanted to study. I knew I was interested in food and health, and after filling out several applications, I found myself enrolled in the the Nutritional Science major at Cornell University.

It wasn’t until after I arrived at Cornell that I discovered Food Science, and my true passion.

I’m asked on a daily basis, “What is Food Science, and how is it different than Nutrition?”

To put it simply, Nutrition is the study of food after it is consumed, and how that relates to human health. Food Science is the study of everything that happens before it is consumed. I decided I wanted to study Food Science because I felt that I could have a greater impact as someone who could change the way foods are produced.

I’m excited to be joining the UNLEASH program in Denmark as part of the Food theme because I feel that there is so much room for improvement within the food industry. With so many hot topics within the food realm (food waste, GMOs vs. Organic, obesity, to name a few) I’m eager to meet other SDG talents from around the world to develop solutions to some of these complex issues!