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Mar 18 · 4 min read

Our customers tell us that we make it easy to get started. You can get started in 3 ways: Fully Managed Service, Software Service, or complete Self-Service.

We believe the approach should be simple, tailored to your needs, and allow you the flexibility to scale.

Depending on the deployment approach you take, you will have dedicated resources by your side ready to assist your team every step of the way.

Our subscription-based plans allow you to easily adapt and scale as your business needs or data requirements change.

We tailor your solution to fit within existing workflows and ensure continuity of existing processes as we onboard a more streamlined, efficient and valuable approach.

Fully Managed Services

A complete end-to-end deployment of your solution, from data collection, processing, through to reporting.

Unleash live will provide services to collect the required data for analysis, built to your specific business needs.

Data is processed and reported in line with agreed terms such as frequency, turnaround, quality, and format.

You go with Managed Services because:

  • Simply focus on the outputs and results provided, with no internal business change or training required.
  • Higher levels of visibility and ROI due to fixed cost.
  • No expensive upfront hardware costs. All costs categorized as operating expenses.
  • Reduced internal barriers to get started.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Can act as a trialed ‘Proof of Concept’ approach prior to engaging internal resources.

Managed Services are best suited for companies:

  • Primarily interested in the outputs and reports.
  • Do not have an internal Drone/UAV program.
  • Looking to test and deploy an industry solution rapidly.
  • Have limited resources and don’t wish to impact current operations.
  • Have specific operating conditions or situations where the additional training is not feasible.
  • Clear metrics around deliverables and expectations of your solution.

Semi-Managed Service

Get the best of both worlds with a complete software deployment allowing companies to retain existing staffing and workflows for the collection of data.

Upload raw imagery and have it processed in your secure cloud-based account bringing reports to hand in the office, in the field, and on the go.

The team at Unleash live will take the time to understand your deployment needs, and provide consulting on hardware, licensing and collection requirements as well as training through our trusted partners.

You go with Software Service because:

  • Looking to reduce turnaround time and internal resources allocated for analysis.
  • Retain total control of UAV operations.
  • Eliminate expensive on-premises hardware, maintenance, and running costs.

Software Services are best suited for companies:

  • Companies with an established Drone/UAV program.
  • Wish to utilize existing expertise and established internal human resources.
  • Prefer to maintain jobs in existing rolls.
  • Already own and operate the required hardware.
  • Have tried and tested drone collection workflows and wish to remain with this.
  • Own and operate critical or hazardous assets where only company staff can operate.


Looking for complete control? Self-Service allows you to do just that. Retain the utmost control over the entire workflow and reporting.

With this deployment option, companies will have access to additional features and functionality to tailor their analysis and reporting as needs change.

It also allows companies to conduct unscheduled analyses and reports in response to a certain incident or directive directly from within their secure account.

You go with Self- Service because:

  • Confident to proceed with Unleash live training and onboarding to get started.
  • Require immediate insights and reporting.
  • Require total control over data and reporting.
  • Full access to the features available on the Unleash live platform.
  • Looking for the most cost-effective way of getting started.
  • Get selected to shape and develop future roadmap features.

Self- Service is best suited for companies:

  • Leverage existing in-house expertise.
  • Are service providers to a range of companies.
  • Engage in a range of operations.
  • Require constant data oversight and visualization.
  • Do not have clear and regular reporting periods or clearly defined output requirements.
  • Have concerns around third parties managing their data.

Get Started with Unleash live

Book a time with one of our specialist team members to answer any questions about our deployment methods, pricing and more.

Unleash live Blog

Unleash live is a cloud based software platform ingesting…

Unleash live

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Powerful A.I. live stream for faster decisions

Unleash live Blog

Unleash live is a cloud based software platform ingesting live video and imagery, applying real time A.I. analytics and delivering instant decision making capabilities

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