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Aad Berkhout — Partner

Helmond, The Netherlands

“True connection is all about the ability to park your EGO.” — Aad Berkhout

The 4th industrial revolution will have a big impact on the way we live, work and relate to one another. I want to contribute to the development of new organization forms and capabilities needed to build innovative and sustainable business systems that benefits all of us and our planet. My belief is that through collaboration we can co-create a sustainable, inclusive, human-centered future for ourselves and the next generations. I have gained 25 years broad and extensive international business experience in corporate and mid-sized manufacturing industries in different leadership roles. I am result driven, reflective and curious, always look at the bigger picture in order to “Connect the Dots”. I have a passion for modern art and photography.

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“Aad is what you call a guy you can rely on. A man with clear vision, clear goals, objective driven but always from a people perspective. It’s been a privilege for me to work with him. Aad has the ability to stay focused and it is very hard to get him out of balance. He positively influences and motivates the teams he is working with, always descent, always covered with facts. His broad domain knowledge, strategic thinking, structured approach and good understanding of the people who work with him gives him a big advantage and makes him successful in any project. Aad is strong, does not hesitate to make decisions even when it is a tough one. I worked with Aad for a year in a dual board members function and he showed me that he is trustworthy, competent and a nice guy to be around. If I got the opportunity to work with him again or send him out to one of my customers it would be the easiest decision to make. I would recommend him anytime!” Martijn Witteveen | CCO, Retail Result BV

“During the 5 years we worked together, Aad proved to be a very engaged manager with eye for detail and especially people. Always open for a good conversation, businesswise but also personal.” Frank Lavrijssen | Production Manager, Famar Healthcare Services

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