About The Founders

Our Foundation Team

The Founding Team of Unleash Leadership

Founded in 2016

We first connected via online groups focused on exchanging knowledge on organisational design & culture. After getting to know each other in 2016, we decided to start working together. This has led to the co-creation of Unleash Leadership. It arose out of our shared interest in different perspectives of looking at work and life and our willingness to create something together, which would contribute to our shared goal: to contribute to a better world with a focus on organizations.

Our international roots

We are an international team, located in three different cities — Floor lives in Berlin, Malek in London and Natalia in Zürich. We were born in three different decades, covering the generations — Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers, Floor in The Netherlands, Malek in The United Kingdom and Natalia in Bulgaria. We have worked in countries across the three continents — Asia, Europe and North America. The maps show an overview of the countries we have worked in.

Our backgrounds and experience

After each completing our university degrees we had our first working experiences in different fields — Floor in Law-Government, Malek in Software Engineering-High Tech Software Industry and Natalia in Automatics and then Real Estate. Since then we have been working across multiple roles — from advisor to manager to director in all sorts of organizations. We are attracted by future ways of working frameworks of Barrett values, Teal and Theory U and we are designing creative learning spaces, inspiring growth for individuals and impact for organizations within Unleash Leadership.

Our experience — Commercial clients

A sample list of the organisations which we have had commercial engagements with throughout our careers.

Our experience — Philanthropic clients

A sample list of the organisations which we have had philanthropic engagements with throughout our careers:


A sample list of testimonials throughout our careers:

Natalia was one of the leaders driving the change in the direction of constant striving for improvement and excellence in all the aspects of the business. She helped the whole organisation to understand the need for further improvement, despite that it was performing very well. Natalia was a brilliant change agent in all the projects we did together.

Jan Skvaril | Director Management Consulting, Deloitte (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Malek is a thought leader and remarkable individual. We worked together on a number of tasks related to the launching of a pan European retail bank. I have rarely met someone this capable at producing and compiling disparate ideas. Furthermore, it is just a pleasure to work with Malek. He is professional and capable to tease out critical thinking in often complex and hard-to-understand environments. Finally, Malek is a super team player and leader.

Philipp Buschmann | Co-founder and CEO europeOne (London, United Kingdom)

Floor can think in an authentic way and out of the box like no one I know. It’s very valuable to work with her. She treats everybody respectfully but also tries to challenge people, with the intention to set things in motion. Floor is great to work with, because she is sincere and passionate and has compassion for the people she works with.

Pauline Geldhof | Interim Manager & Coach, About Work & Flow (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Natalia is a very good professional with extensive knowledge in the field of Management and HR. Her broad personal experience and natural creativity help a lot in designing new workshops for people development. My last participation in her Laboratory for Women in Management was a real breakthrough the classical norms and giving the participants the chance to see the challenges and the solutions for a successful 21st Century Manager via their own personal prism and expertize. The conference and workshops were a real success and my colleagues and I were very enthusiastic in applying the lessons learned in our job immediately. I recommend Natalia’s workshops to all my acquaintances.

Snezhina Kazakova | Managing Director, Express DHL Latvia SIA (Riga, Latvia)

Malek is an exceptional man. It’s been always a big pleasure for me to work with him. He has the ability to stay very focused, positively influences and motivates the teams he is working with through broad domain knowledge, strategic thinking, a structured approach towards working and a very enjoyable sense of humor, even in very tough moments. I really miss the experience of working with him.

Franz Jachim| Director, Amdocs (Vienna, Austria)

Floor is an energetic, smart and creative person, who has an uncanny ability to connect people who she thinks will be of value to each other. This makes her a great asset to anyone’s network and work environment. She sees what people are good at and is able to activate them. And she’s also a lot of fun to be around!

Mandy Smits | Advisor new ways of working, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (The Hague, The Netherlands)

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