Alex Simu — Partner

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“The voice of leadership is the ability to connect people!” — Alex Simu

The melody of music is shaped by one note after another. Rhythm emerges as time slots in between. As the beat of life moves us forward step-by-step. As a professional musician and film composer I get to travel the whole world. I hear different languages while experiencing amazing cultures. Music is a universal language. So I instantly feel mutual connection while playing. The world of business strongly relies on such connections. I consider leaders not as directors but anyone who connects by — so to speak — an improvised tune or maybe re-composing a symphony. There is such creative and talented leader in each of us. My passion is to awaken and support our unique and individual talent to build connections at anyplace around the world.

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“Adventurous and stunningly beautiful. How much it was shared with the audience was evident from the daunting discharge after the end of the first set: an applause eruption that lasted so long that it seemed almost as if the final was reached.”  Ton Maas, MixedWorldMusic

“His music creates dialogues and passages where the existence of unspoken text is present in the imagination of each listener.”  Málaga Hoy 5

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