A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

Blanka Lasić — Partner

Zagreb, Croatia

“Lead from your heart — not just your head. Lead from where you are.” — Blanka Lasic

Nationality — Generation: Croatian — Gen Y

I am a HRM Consultant, Business Coach, Social Skills Trainer, Speaker and an Art of Hosting practitioner. Prior to starting my business, I have worked in family and corporate environment. As a HR professional, I was responsible for selection, learning and development in HQ and throughout a network of 60 supermarkets with more than 1000 employees.

My greatest passion is in leading people and organisations toward unlocking their full potential. I am driven by a desire to find simplicity in complexity and to bring human back to human. I am inspired by the concept of “leading from where you are”.

Client Services


“Blanka is a remarkable professional with enormous energy, which is quite addictive. You cannot remain immune to such an enthusiastic and passionate approach to business and life in general. If you need a professional with inexhaustible amount of ideas and great commitment to see these ideas come true, best is to contact her.” — Tina Jurjević | Human Resources Manager | 
BIPA Rewe Group | Zagreb, Croatia

Blanka is a great person to work with because she is positive and reliable. She is very passionate about the work she does and gives all she can to help the client. She is a good listener and always sees the big picture. Blanka’s advice and ideas are real, helpful and applicable.” — Maja Blagojević | Relationship Manager | UniCredit Group, Zagrebačka banka | Zagreb, Croatia

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