Catherine Jeyaratnam — Partner

London, United Kingdom

As far as I can remember I have always been intrigued by how our minds work and why people do what they do. This curiosity comes from my passion for helping people live a better, happier and fulfilling life. I believe that when you can understand someone deeply — understand their values, perspectives, beliefs, situation and who they are truly — it enables you to help them achieve what they want in the best possible way. This passion for helping people has led me to transition into coaching after spending 16 years working in finance. I have worked in various industries such as publishing, media, hospitality, interiors and technology throughout my career in finance but it is in coaching that I found real fulfillment. I feel that coaching can be very powerful in creating change and I am committed to bringing clarity and balance to my work with clients to achieve this. I believe that everyone has huge potential and I really enjoy helping people tap into their unique power to bring out the best in them.

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“Catherine is a great listener and motivator. I feel grateful to have worked with her and want to say a huge thanks for giving me the extra support I needed which changed me as a person. I would really recommend her to anyone who wants a real change!“

“It has given the opportunity to re-evaluate my life in co-ordinance with my work and use positive mentality to drive myself and team to achieve goals.”

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