Deborah Koehler — Partner

Sonthofen, Germany

“Try it out. See what happens. Decide!” — Deborah Koehler

When and why a person speaks up fascinates me. Also what passions a person brings to the workplace and what someone shows of him or herself. I am dedicated to creating environments where each person feels free to identify problems and where groups can find a collective solution. I believe you need to cut through the social norms to build good functioning teams. I have helped teams around the world collaborate across cultures, solve long-held problems and set new directions. I have experience in professional services, financial, product development and the hotel industry. My hobbies are walking, travelling, painting and music. I was born in the USA and lived in London, Tokyo, Boston, Kathmandu and currently reside in Berlin, Germany.

Client Services


“Deborah’s understanding of the ‘on the ground ‘ situation in Ethiopia helped her connect with training participants and adapt the materials to suit the different logistical situations she faced. She is a solid, reliable trainer and consultant in her field.” — Mervi Patzke | Project coordinator, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

“Deborah is a well-travelled and well-experienced consultant with the ability to merge cultural understanding with corporate evaluation to quickly determine the current situation of an organization and to recommend a course of practical action to measurably improve individual and corporate performance across departments and functions.” —Norman Jones | CEO, Imagine If

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