Martijn Meima facilitating a constellation.

Embrace Complexity: Thrive & Prosper with Business Constellations

Leadership Experience

“Business constellations make the unvisible visible and wow — what a clarity that brings!” — Martijn Meima

The Learning Environment and Location

The Challenge

We live in a world with an ever increasing speed of change and expanding complexity. Business Constellations is a method that assists us to:

  • Get fresh insights on repeating and complex problems we have
  • Get better at decision-making in the complexity of today’s world
  • Navigate better when too many variables and stakeholders are at play
  • Find new ways of looking at both organisational and personal issues

That makes the method especially suitable for organisational leaders and teams that want to not just cope with the complexity of today’s world but to thrive and prosper.

What You’ll Get

During the session, you will:

  • Learn how to use Business Constellations and experience how to use your intuition.
  • Get insights into your personal and business questions and experience transformations.
  • Learn a new, systemic, intuitive way of looking at personal and business problems.

The Experience Description

During this 5-day course you will learn the basics of facilitating the powerful method of business constellations. This ceremonial experience works both as a way of analysing and exploring a complex problem, as well as a way to solve and transform it. You will practice a lot with different kinds of constellations, both for groups and individuals.

Additionally, since you will work with your own cases, there will be a lot of possibilities for your own personal and business development. As you learn to apply an intuitive approach to facilitating business constellations, you will also get more aligned with your intuition and learn how to use it.

What Makes this Experience Different

  • It is very practical — with (almost) no theory — embodied learning through experience and practice.
  • It is a combination of magical moments and down to earth applications.
  • You will experience the transformational power of Intuition and learn a new tool.

Our Endorsements

I have learned how to trust my intuition in facilitating constellations. The training has also given me insights in systemic thinking and how to use it in my daily business. There was a lot of practicing which gave me the opportunity to look into my own systems and clear some personal issues. I can really recommend this training if you want to learn to facilitate constellations. You start practicing right away, so you experience the immediate effect of your actions.” — Hans van Groesen, Van Groesen Project & Organisatie, Zeewolde, the Netherlands

The training is very lively and intensive, with a very pragmatic approach which enables to practice a lot. In that way, I find it easier to memorise the process, to reproduce it in business life. Martijn is energetic, open-minded and ready to answer all the questions you may have.You can feel that he has a lot of experience. Business constellations are powerful to get insights, especially when the situation is not clear. You may feel a little bit shy to apply it in business life but the good news that once the first step is made, it’s more acceptable and powerful for a person to get feedback from the “universe” than to accept advice/feedback from a person, even if he/she is well-minded.” — Sabine Schott, 3D Management

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