FAQ — Applying to be a Partner

Partnerships — Frequently asked questions about applying to be a partner.

What is Unleash Leadership?

Unleash Leadership is a global online & digital business platform, an online destination venue for leadership experiences, which leverages innovative technologies and digital tools.

How can I follow up on news?

Our active online channels are: Medium, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

Who can apply to be Partner?

Any professional who feels inspired by our vision, aligned with our values and passionate about one or more partner roles is encouraged to apply.

What are Partner Roles?

A role represents a repeatable activity that occurs daily-weekly-monthly. All roles can consist of three energy focal points: Mentor, Leader and Contributor. Partner Roles for which we seek partners are described here. We ask Partners to always be aware and aligned with what roles they have energy for and their precise energy focal point.

Is there an exclusivity involved?

Partners are not employees and they do not work exclusively with Unleash Leadership. However, there are restrictions on founding and operating a competing business as well as regulations around conflict of interest, confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation.

How do you decide who to accept as a Partner?

Unleash Leadership Founding Team chooses which Partners to onboard following internal selection criteria based on capabilities-skills-experiences as well as values and purpose. Candidacy is evaluated based on the provided information upon application and other public information. Any member of the foundation team has the right to veto any partner joining. The selection criteria is a proprietary information.

How do I apply?

You can apply by filling in the information and providing the images and data required in this form.

When do we meet?

Unleash Leadership is a global digital platform and we are collaborating online.

What is a Partner Profile Page?

Partner Profile Page is a page on our website with a unique url describing the Partner following Unleash Leadership’s template and requirements.

If you have any other question, please check our other FAQ pages. If your question is not there, please use the Feedback form. We appreciate feedback, questions and reflections from everyone, as Unleash Leadership is evolutionary by nature they help us improve our engagement and experience. We would love to hear your feedback here.

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