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FAQ — Partner Commercial Engagement

Partnership — Frequently asked questions about partner commercial engagement.

What is the business model?

Each business opportunity has its own specifics, therefore also its own business model and may result in separate business entities being formed. As a rule, such businesses reflect the collective capacity of the network and are not businesses that can be executed by one or two people alone.

How does business originate and what is the marketing plan?

Each business opportunity comes with its own business model and therefore marketing. Such an opportunity can either originate from Unleash Leadership or through a Partner. Any such contribution is compensated according to our Fair-based Revenue Share Model.

How does collaboration happen?

Collaboration happens through Collaborative Experiments. Each of them carries its uniqueness but as a rule, these are small groups of people that work virtually over a pre-agreed short term of time in accordance with the general Unleash Leadership Terms and Conditions.

How will you tackle the risk of there being a core group of really involved people and the rest just hanging around?

Work happens in teams of truly involved and committed people that compliment each other and are simultaneously coherent and diverse. We do not put restrictions on how many times or how often partners participate in such work. Indeed, we do expect that a core group of active partners will evolve and it will be because of the exceptional quality of their work, their passion and their commitment.

Can I contact partners and initiate a project?

We encourage you to be proactive and let us know if you have a business opportunity in mind. If we think it is suitable for Unleash Leadership, we will create the space and legal framework for it to evolve. We discourage you from forming partnerships with Unleash Leadership partners outside the legal framework of Unleash Leadership due to the potential risks involved, potential conflict of interests and other potential legal and business implications.

How would you build a community?

We are building a global online network and that does not require that all people will have to meet. Some might never ever meet; others will continuously work together. As Unleash Leadership evolves, the sense of community will be different for everyone depending on their level of involvement, contribution and commitment.

Can we also do …?

Depends. Please fill in the Feedback form if you have any ideas about how we can all grow and prosper together. Be mindful that any such ideas must have a commercial model attached. That means clarity in how does that work contribute to our purpose and the fulfilment of our vision, who does the work and how do they get compensated.

What is the jurisdiction under which collaborations happen?

We are working globally. Any engagement in collaborative work will involve agreeing in advance to the general Unleash Leadership Terms and Conditions as well as the Project Assignment which would define the scope and jurisdiction of the specific business project. Non-agreeing to them results in the inability to participate in the specific business project.

What are these Terms and Conditions and where can I see them?

Terms and Conditions are provided upon invitation to participate in a specific Project Assignment. They include both the legal framework under which the collaboration is happening as well as the specific values and agreements which define the engagement.

Why can’t I see the Terms and Conditions now?

Terms and Conditions are specific for each business project and business entity. They also contain proprietary information.

How do I get paid if I work collaboratively?

Each partner is compensated according to a Fair-based Revenue Sharing Model which takes into account the role executed by the Partner, the market value for such work and the time spent. The model is part of the Unleash Leadership Terms and Conditions.

What are the potential liabilities of joint work?

Joint work has many legal implications. Therefore, prior to any joint work, Partners agree to the general Unleash Leadership Terms and Conditions as well as the Project Assignment which defines the scope and jurisdiction of the specific business project.

How will you be sure people won’t just connect with people individually and skip Unleash Leadership?

People can connect with other people by browsing LinkedIn or specialised groups on any Social Media. Same is true for Unleash Leadership. What we do as a group, however, is deeply unique and can not be done by individuals alone.

How will you be sure the culture is sustained?

Culture is a fancy way of describing “how we do things here” and “how we do things” at Unleash Leadership is unique, purposeful and based on clear values. Any involvement in Unleash Leadership’s work means agreeing to both the general and specific Terms and Conditions and following Unleash Leadership’s values.

What will be done in person and what online?

Unleash Leadership is an online & digital platform and we use technology to augment human experience, scale impact and be efficient. That means that the majority of experiences will be done online.

Can Partnership be revoked?

Yes, Partnerships will be revoked anytime Partners violate the Terms and Conditions they agree to.

If you have any other question, please check our other FAQ pages. If your question is not there, please use the Feedback form. We appreciate feedback, questions and reflections from everyone, as Unleash Leadership is evolutionary by nature they help us improve our engagement and experience. We would love to hear your feedback here.

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Unleash Leadership

We bring together diverse partners to design creative learning spaces, inspiring growth for individuals and impact for organizations

Unleash Leadership

We bring together diverse partners to design creative learning spaces, inspiring growth for individuals and impact for organizations