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Your Shared Impact: Team Coaching

Online Coaching for Teams

The Learning Environment and Location

The Challenge

In a world of accelerating change, increasing uncertainty and great complexity, organisational teams need a space in which they feel trust so that they share and tackle their deep concerns about relationships, communication, balance, values, and organisational growth. A space in which they can address any question that impacts their personal and professional individual and team performance and help them work together more productively and harmoniously.

Our Team Coaching supports experts and managers to be at their best by eradicating what holds them back and encouraging what nurtures them. And when people are at their best, organisations prosper because of their unleashed potential, performance and productivity.

What You’ll Get

As your coach we develop an intimate understanding of your goals and work closely with you so that you achieve them. We bring together years of international expertise and forward thinking, alongside with curiosity, creativity, compassion and courage to create an environment that nourishes deep learning and transformation.

  • Teams can be up to six people
  • Communication happens virtually through Skype
  • Generative discussion in 90 minutes session
  • For optimal results, we recommend sessions every two to three weeks over a period of six months


  • Good internet connection
  • Skype account

How to Start Team Coaching or Find out More?

Start here and we are delighted to help you.

The Coaches

Feel free to choose the coach that resonates with you. If you are unsure, contact us and we will make a recommendation based on your goals and background. In some cases we might feel that working in a team with you will bring optimal results; other times working with one of us is the most favorable.

Would your Team like to have the first Coaching Session?

Would your team like to start? Or find out more? Start here and we are delighted to help you.

What’s next?

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