“We believe that the key to achieving your goals is by first working on yourself.” — Photograph taken by Joshua Earle

Grow Your Business: Start With You

Leadership Experience

The Learning Environment and Location

The Challenge

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? The key to achieving your professional goals is to first work on yourself. Starting with understanding your uniqueness, making decisions in alignment with who you are and tapping into your full potential will lead you to take the next step, move you closer to your goals and reach your objectives.

What You’ll Get

During four sessions, you will have an opportunity to develop yourself, making yourself the entrepreneur, leader or manager that you have the potential to be. You will leave the experience more confident in your skills and abilities, and with a series of practical steps to grow your business and improve your performance.

The Experience Description

This is a four-session professional development experience for leaders and entrepreneurs.

Session 1: The secret to manifesting the life and business you desire — Do you feel that you are taking all the right steps but your business is not moving forward? Do you feel anxious about the future of your business? In this session you will learn how the way you think and feel is a crucial part of staying in control, taking charge and manifesting the life and business you desire. Your feeling is your compass. It can lead you to abundance and success but first, you need to be very clear about this feeling.

“I love the idea that we can only really admire traits if we already know them (and have them)”— a participant said.

Session 2: The transforming power of working from your strengths — We live in a world where we spend an awful lot of time fixing our shortcomings and too often our natural talents go untapped. Research shows that people have more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strengths rather than improving their weaknesses. In this session, we will help you tap into your uniqueness by focusing on a strengths-based approach to learning, development and leadership.

“After having confronted my fears and opportunities for the future I felt a strong feeling and wanted to achieve!”—a participant said.

Session 3: How you are getting in the way of your own success — You might be doing everything right, you might be applying the best strategies to what you want to achieve, but still not getting the results you are expecting. What is getting in the way? In this session, we will explore and understand how your subconscious mind can be the biggest culprit when striving for success.

“Realising my dreams of business success and what it looks like. Coaching and open techniques helped me become self-aware and share insights with the group.” —a participant said.

Session 4: The Possibility Mindset — We might believe that we are currently trapped by our circumstances based on the assumptions that we carry with us. However, once we shift our perception the same circumstances can open up a world of possibilities. Changing the way we think about our challenges and opportunities can bring about a step change in everything we do.

“The realisation that what I have dreamt of creating is possible” — a participant said.

What Makes this Experience Different

Our sessions are highly interactive where learning experiences will be co-created in the group. Time for self-reflection as well as sharing experiences with others in small groups. Using our uniqueness model and a series of powerful and practical tools, techniques and theories, you will be given the opportunity to test and experience the tools presented by working in pairs or participating in groups.

How We Run the Experience

We run it using our slides, sharing exercises and examples, and giving exercises to participants. Sometimes worksheets for them to work on, other times a flip-chart for them to draw and write on. We need space for tables and flip-charts where everyone can work creatively, but we adapt to whats available and use pads, pens and paper where this fits better. Internet connection preferable but not required.

Our Endorsements

Viola Träm

“Theory leads directly into very tangible and actionable methods that I can implement in my daily interactions immediately. This is due to the interactive nature of the workshops, that let you experience the benefits of changing your approach to leadership or teamwork immediately” — Viola Träm

Rawan Abdulla

“My experience was a really great one. The coaches did amazingly well in instigating a safe and non-judgemental environment so I felt able to share my own questions and experience. This meant I received insights that really resonated with me and which I continue to reflect on and develop” — Rawan Abdulla

Helena Bergstrøm

“I came away with new interesting insights and perspectives. Reflections on how I relate to my work and the impact of thoughts on my professional success were some of the useful takeaways. There was a good mix of new information, audience interaction and practical exercises” — Helena Bergstrøm

Based on four leadership experiences feedback surveys, other participants said: “Thought provoking, non-conventional, lovely atmosphere, supporting environment, space to think, great exercises that creates personal insights, great examples, relaxed, friendly, engaging, flexible, open, honest, interactive, nicely organized, tools for everyday life, creative elements, excellent facilitation”

Our Ratings

85% of participants rate this leadership experience as excellent or very good.

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Would you like to take this leadership experience? Or find out more? Start here and we are delighted to help you.

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