Laura Francesca Mega — Partner

Berlin, Germany

“Let’s do this together, one breath at a time.” — Laura Francesca

I am passionate about creating spaces, exploring unusual avenues, finding patterns & connecting people — to themselves and each other. My offers are research-based and rooted in mindfulness, fusing my scientific background (masters degree in Biology & PhD in neuroscience), with years of embodied contemplative practice (hatha yoga and zen Buddhism). My trainings are designed to empower you to strategically access your intuition in complex decision environments, developing an agile mindset, as well as re-gaining a sense of ease & creative potential.

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“I attended several of Francesca’s events. In all of them, her facilitation and input guided me to a better understanding of myself. The exercises and examples in mindfulness allowed me to gain a better self-awareness and take a closer look onto my needs and potential. With the newly gained perspective I feel better equipped to take care of myself and manage my business.” — Christoph Henle| Business Executive, Hedata

“I attended one of Francesca’s workshops recently. Within the first moments, it became clear to me that Francesca “practices what she preaches” (though, she doesn’t really preach :)). The level of connectedness, authenticity and mindfulness she showed up from was both inspiring and healing. The space she created and hold was one that invited trust and vulnerability. If you are interested in connecting with yourself more, getting deeper in touch with your body and intuition, you should definitely check out one of her workshops. Thank you for this beautiful experience, Francesca.” — Robert Möckel | Life & Business Coach, Robert Möckel Coaching

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