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Feb 15, 2018 · 8 min read

It’s our pleasure to share with you our Spring (Q1:2018) letter as a follow up to the goals we outlined in our last quarter (Q4:2017) Review and Vision Letter. Our Partners are receiving our Update Letters up to 30-days in advance of being released to the general public.

Our Partnership Status — Together We Are Stronger!

Partnerships (month-on-month) — projection as of 15th Feb 2018

In 2018, we have doubled our partnership network from 14 to 28 partners, with another 27 who are going through partnership application process, in total 69 applied to be partners. Our partnership growth rate is on average +50% month-on-month. We have also expanded our geographic coverage from 5 to 11 Countries which now includes: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, The Netherlands, UK and USA.

This year we aim to form ~100 partnerships with Board Advisors, Business Connectors, Event Organisers, Executive Coaches, Expert Mentors, Finance Experts, Fundraising Experts, Legal Experts, Participatory Facilitators, Product Designers, Social Media Experts, Systemic Researchers, Technology Creators and Venue Owners.

Our Partnership Kit — We have been developing a Partnership Kit which will include our Branding, Culture, Service Excellence guidelines to support our partners. This will be exclusively released to our Partners in March/April.

Our Partnership Summit — We intend to host an exclusive Partnership Summit for our Partners in a stunning venue somewhere in Europe. This event will give you the opportunity to meet the other Partners, be inspired and learn from each other. It will be a three-day event to connect, reflect, grow, to collaborate on new product designs which could become part of the next Unleash Leadership offerings. If you know a great venue that we could make use of then please let us know via email.

We would like to thank all our partners, Aad, Alex, Anton, Blanka, Carla, Catherine, Colleen, Deborah, Eftim, Folkert, Jenna, Joanna, Klaus, Ksenia, Mark, Marie, Martijn, Mathew, Michelle, Otto, Patrick, Patrik, Pavel, Steph, Regina, Terezia, Vegard and Wendy, for taking the leap of faith in joining us, it’s truly an honour that you are on-board. We appreciate the questions and reflections from all our partners, as Unleash Leadership is evolutionary by nature, to improve our engagement and experience. A special thanks and acknowledgement for the following contributions from our partners in 2018 to date:

  • An honorary role of Partnership Ambassador goes to Ksenia and Martijn, Vegard for recommending Unleash Leadership to new potential partners.
  • An honorary role of Partnership Supporter goes to Joanna for adding her position as a Partner on our LinkedIn page and following all of our online channels.
  • An honorary role of Compassionate Giver goes to Colleen, Ksenia, Galina and Vegard for their natural energies in liking the majority of our pages, blogs, and/or social media posts.

Would you like to nominate a Partner and/or yourself for supporting Unleash Leadership? If so we invite you to make a nomination here.

Activating New Business — Discover-Share-Earn

The Unleash Leadership Partnership Network gives us a powerful opportunity to capture potential revenue streams that would otherwise be lost. We are inviting our Partners to share business leads for opportunities that they discover within their existing client engagements, which they are either not interested, willing or able to deliver. When you share with us the new business opportunity, it’s requirements: needs, scope, skills, start date, duration, etc we will then perform a search across our Partnership Network to locate if there are suitable Partner(s) to deliver the requested services to your client, and then connect you with them. You will earn a percentage of revenue, in alignment with our Fair-based Revenue Share Model, for each lead you bring in which results in the delivery of a service by one of our Partners to your client. If you know of a business opportunity with your client you are invited to share it here.

Power of Our Network — Be Recognised & Rewarded

The Power of Our Network — Be Recognised & Rewarded

How can you be involved in supporting our growth? We are inviting you, as our Partner, to support our partnership and online growth. Our online channels include Medium, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. You may support us by doing one or more of the following:

  • Recommending Unleash Leadership to new potential partners, either verbally or sharing our partnership programme page online.
  • Adding your position as a Partner on our LinkedIn page, and follow all of our online channels.
  • Liking and/or commenting on our pages, blogs and social media posts.
  • Sharing our website pages, blogs and social media posts across your own networks and/or other relevant groups, while tagging Unleash Leadership:

Medium & Twitter: @Unleashlead

Facebook & Instagram: @UnleashLeadership

Linkedin: @Unleash-Leadership

Our intention is to both Recognise all contributions made by our partners. For example, when a new potential partner applies via our partnership application form — Question 8 now states: “Where, how and/or from whom did you hear about Unleash Leadership?” in order to capture how new potential partners heard about us, and in the cases when you are mentioned, we intend to acknowledge you in our next Letter. We invite you to make a nomination here.

Our Latest Innovations — Exclusively for our Partners

Our current value proposition includes: Innovative Fair-Based Revenue Share, Emerging Global Network, Unleash Your Passion, Professional Listing Service, and Exposure Service. We are expanding our offerings to include the following disruptive and innovative services being launched later this year.⠀

Collaborative Experiments

Would you like to collaborate to create new experiences for clients? We bring together diverse partners to design new creative learning experiences to inspire growth for individuals and impact for organizations. When your Product Design is delivered by other partners, you will earn a percentage of the Revenue generated in the price to our client in accordance to our Innovate Fair-based Revenue Share Model. Furthermore, we will be curating a selection of the best Product Designs that have been collaboratively designed by our partners and which are open to any of our partners in delivering the experience to be featured on our website.

Local Chapters Service

Would you like to meet partners in your local city? This year we will launch local chapters in our strategic locations. The local chapter events will be held quarterly to form new connections, deepen relationships and exchange knowledge, experiences, best practices and ideas. Furthermore, we are looking for Local Chapter Builders who will take the lead in building thriving local communities.

Mentoring-Mentee Matching Service

Would you like to accelerate your growth? How do you find the right mentor for you? Our Mentoring-Mentee Matching Service matches you with the right mentor just for you. This is a core service for those who are looking for the right impactful mentor to cater for their growth needs.

Register your intention to be partner here.

Our Systemic Research Initiative

We have completed 14 interviews across Scale-ups and Corporates. A few of the key highlights are: Young leaders believe in the ‘new ways of working’. They are looking for new learning opportunities by doing. Mid-level Management wants to increase their impact and feel stuck in the political structures. Senior management is sensing that other skills are needed for them to progress, for example, soft skills. They are often experiencing tension in balancing their personal and working life. Sports and travelling were on the top of many interviewees outside of work activities. Making a difference not only earning money, was a key phrase we heard often.

Our Foundation Expansion

We would like to expand our foundation team, and are seeking people with the following skills with whom our purpose resonates.

  • Financial Expert with extensive international experience on finance and funding with an open mindset.
  • Fundraising Expert with extensive experience in raising funds across crowdfunding, ICO’s and beyond.
  • Legal Expert with extensive international experience, liability and legal entities with an open mindset.
  • Social Media Expert with a creative mindset and with proven experience in growing the following social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Why Join the Foundation Team?

  • A unique opportunity to earn equity and be part of an early stage fast growing startup.
  • Enjoy a very flexible working environment: online, remote, working up to 80% of the time that you prefer, no travel required.
  • An exclusive opportunity to express your passion and realise your potential, with an invitation to participate in our exclusive in-house mentorship programme.
  • You may continue to work at the existing place of employment.

Who are we?

Your Investment Opportunity: Our Fundraising

Later this year, we will be launching an exclusive Investment opportunity, if you would like to keep informed and are interested in investing in us, you may pre-register here.

Our next update will be towards the end of Q2:2018, until then we wish you a joyful Spring.

Kind Regards,

The Foundation Team.

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Feedback — We appreciate feedback, questions and reflections from everyone, as Unleash Leadership is evolutionary by nature they help us improve our engagement and experience. We would love to hear your feedback here.

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Unleash Leadership

We bring together diverse partners to design creative learning spaces, inspiring growth for individuals and impact for organizations

Unleash Leadership

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We bring together diverse partners to design creative learning spaces, inspiring growth for individuals and impact for organizations

Unleash Leadership

We bring together diverse partners to design creative learning spaces, inspiring growth for individuals and impact for organizations