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Mark Koops — Partner

Singapore, Singapore

“Learn from the past, but be open-minded.” — Mark Koops

Nationality — Generation: Dutch— Gen X

I have 20+ years international experience, most recently in the role as Regional Vice President at a large international company. I’ve worked in North America, Europe and Asia, for companies like AT&T, Oracle, Amdocs and Ericsson, in roles, such as consulting partner, head of sales, operations and marketing. I’ve worked in Bell Labs, on next-generation technologies, and hold various patents. I have a background in software and services and have led major consulting engagements, delivery projects, sales engagements and go-to-market initiatives successfully, as well as setting up new organisations from scratch. My hobbies include financial management and investments.

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Mark is a rare air performer, one of the best I’ve come across in over 20 years in 10 countries in various executive CTO positions. By combining analytical skills, leadership skills and execution grit, he combines laser vision with getting s**t done, in a way you won’t come across many times in a life time career. In crypto, he is one of 2 people in the world to whose opinion I listen to the most. If anyone has the fortune to get Koops on the team, I can virtually guarantee that it will make a difference to your *results*” — Anders Larsson | VP @ Ericsson

“I have had the pleasure to work with and for Mark in a number of organisations over the years. Mark is a generous, attentive and focused colleague and manager that exhibit value and professionalism to both the customer and the team in his interactions. Mark gets to the point quickly and focuses heavily on delivery and positive outcomes. He is trusted advisor to both internal and the customer’s management team for the well rounded business and technical skills he brings to the table.” —Johann Ginger | Head of Practice @ Oracle

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