Mathew Krawczyk — Partner

London, United Kingdom

I am passionate about places, spaces and experiences that make us come alive. Over time, this curiosity has guided me toward work in architecture, interaction design and community building. I’ve found that connecting the deeper visions of communities with the co-creation of intentional experiences, leads to spaces of profound personal and collective growth. I started a design practice in which I facilitate, strategize and co-create spaces with communities. I believe in reimagining the spaces in which we live, work and play, to match our evolving human narrative; community, growth and wholeness. In my free time, I like to dive deep into new experiences, in music, food and travel.

Client Services


“Working with Mathew was natural. It was important for him to be a community member first and a designer second. He focused on our potential and showed us the power of design to support and grow our community. His expertise in co-working and co-living was invaluable.”— Daniel King | Co-Founder @ Columbus Hostels

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