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Michelle Halse — Partner

Melbourne, Australia

“The collaboration we need now requires a new form of leadership that is systems-aware, self-aware and future-focused.” — Michelle Halse

Nationality — Generation: Australian— Gen X

I am passionate about fostering and supporting collaborations that are dynamic and life-giving. I believe collaboration requires a new form of leadership that is systems-aware, self-aware and future-focused. I am a cross-sector collaboration and innovation specialist and an Accredited Partnership Broker. I have over 25 years, in global health, international development, global innovation challenges, and social innovation. I have brokered partnerships for international health, humanitarian capacity building, vulnerable people, women’s legal services, education, livelihoods and social inclusion in the UK, US, Asia-Pacific and Africa. I love growing and curating beautiful things, relationships, ideas, occasions, and at home.

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Michelle’s engagement was key to the success of the All Children Reading Partnership. I have worked with many professionals over the years, but Michelle’s ability to both attend to the detail while casting the bigger vision is unique. I highly recommend her as a Partnership broker, facilitator and change leader.” Teresa Ferrari | Senior Director, Technical Program Implementation, University Research Co. (URC) |Washington DC, USA

“Insightful, reflective, and with a warm, human touch, Michelle brought her extensive partnering expertise to our emerging collaboration and guided us toward shared and realisable goals. She assisted us to lay a solid foundation for a research partnership grounded in strong social values.” — Martyn Jones | Associate Professor, RMIT University | Melbourne, Australia

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