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Partnership: RAHM and Unleash Leadership

The Value of Diversity in Leadership

We are proud to partner with RAHM, because we believe that only through collaborative experiences with diverse people one can learn the most profound truths and master wisdom.

Here’s the story of how this partnership formed.

In 2017 the first RAHM global LGBTI leadership contest took place in Berlin. One of the co-founders of Unleash Leadership, Floor Martens, realised the importance of visibility of LGBTI leaders and decided to apply. In July, on a nice summer day, she arrived at the Google office in Berlin for the contest. The day started with inspirational talks, followed by team exercises and ended in the city with a group of participants she met during that amazing day.

Since then RAHM and Unleash Leadership have been in contact. Floor connected online with Théo Challande Névoret after the event and noticed that he started working for RAHM. When the requests around sponsorship and a space for the follow-up event in London were shared, Unleash Leadership reached out to several parties, with the unique opportunity to host RAHM in London in 2018. This gave us the opportunity to secure an amazing venue at WestWorks in the H&F borough of London for the Impact Day hosted by the landowners Stanhope, Mitsui Fudosan and AIMCo.

What next?

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