I love the view, the horizon, the freedom, leading the way towards new developments or ideas.

Patrick Schoenmakers — Partner

Maastricht, The Netherlands

“Leadership is about the obvious, which appears not to be the obvious.” 
Patrick Schoenmakers

I am passionate about strengthening leadership and the connection between people, hence resulting in increased performance through improving the quality of your (working) life. I believe that the starting point is the recognition and development of talents along with empowerment of you as an individual or as a team. A practical, down-to-earth, and intuitive approach are the cornerstones of my approach. I have gained extensive international experience and expertise in working with people and communicating with a wide and diverse audience in management consulting, education and coaching.

“I am on a mission to contributing to Positive Leadership being widely accepted and practised”

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“I have known Patrick as a development-oriented person, who always looks for opportunities to get organisations and leaders to the next level. He helps them compassionately with active listening and providing feedback questions that help people find their own answers. And that is the most pleasant way of learning!” — Prof. Balázs Heidrich | Rector, Budapest Business School

“Very innovative thinking and in-depth knowledge! We have been working on several projects together and I have noticed that Patrick is an extremely focused individual and a very good communicator. I still recall some of the discussions that we had. I was amazed how easy Patrick would take you from science to psychology, history to business. A truly great professional in his work!” — Ioan Alin Nistor | Dean and Associate Professor in Finance, Babes-Bolyai University

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