Being out in nature is my vital source to feel grounded and to balance the qualities of my mind and my heart. Photo by Gerald Knoll.

Regina Schlager — Partner

Zurich, Switzerland

Photo by Frederike Asael
“ To literally stand in your truth, with dignity, strength and humility — that is the most essential and basic expression of your leadership.” Regina Schlager

My passion lies in supporting the growing ecosystem awareness which leads to a sustainable future for all beings. I help my clients to get in touch with all layers of knowledge, integrating mind, heart and body, and to focus on their vision of what they want to be. Additionally, I research on the connections between modern western science, ancient and indigenous wisdom traditions. After working 20 years in professional services companies in the fields of Knowledge Management, Learning and Development, I founded my own coaching company in 2012. Born in Vienna (Austria), I am now located in Zurich (Switzerland).

Client Services


“ I feel powerful again. Thanks to the careful coaching of Regina Schlager I got clarity about what I need and what I really want.” — Coaching Client

“ To know that I can trust my intuition is a new and powerful tool for me. With your help, I found my vision that is inspired by my mind as well as my emotional and bodily knowing. Now I am able to follow my steps with strength and patience.“ — Coaching Client

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