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Why the only way is up, will bring you down.

Sometimes I feel stuck. My usual response is to start searching for things I can do, visit places which inspire me and surround myself with inspiring people I can talk to. As you can read, for me it is difficult to ‘not-do’, although in the back of my mind I can hear this voice which is telling me to STOP!

Theory U

8 Years ago I have got to know Theory U which made me understand why the thought ‘the only way is up’ will eventually bring you down. In order to be able to feel which direction you want to go next, you sometimes first need to go downhill. According to Theory U there are 5 stages you will have to go through. Imagine them in a U shape, with stage 3 at the foot of the U and stage 1 and 5 as the two top ends.

  1. Co-initiating
    Build common intent. Stop and listen to others and to what life calls you to do.
  2. Co-sensing
    Observe, observe, observe. Go to the places of most potential and listen with your mind and heart wide open.
  3. Presencing
    Connect to the source of inspiration and will. Go to the place of silence and allow the inner knowing to emerge.
  4. Co-creating
    Prototype the new in living examples to explore the future by doing.
  5. Co-evolving
    Embody the new in ecosystems that facilitate seeing and acting from the whole.

As you can see you first have to pass stages 1 and 2, which involves letting go and observe before you can get to your source of inspiration that can lead to change. So you first have to go downhill to be able to reach this source. After you have reached it, you can get up again! Thanks to your gained inspiration you will feel and know which direction you want to go.

In this video I talk about my Theory U journeys

Experience life

So, if you are in a place right now where you cannot find the inspiration you are longing for, stay there for a while. I know, it sounds like the worst advice ever, but believe me, after you have been there and accepted your situation, eventually inspiration will come and you will be able to move forward in the direction you REALLY want to. Your personal and professional life will flourish again.

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