Reconnecting to nature refreshes my energy and makes me humble for life.

Susanne Kreuz — Partner

Zurich, Switzerland

“Life has many colours, and I worship collaboration and diversity.” — Susanne Kreuz

Being fascinated by art and design, my university studies followed that path. Searching for what makes us individuals drew me to cognitive and developmental psychology. My interest in cultural aspects led to European Ethnology and international volunteering. Nature and Buddhist teachings help me grow, develop empathy, and manage life. When offline I enjoy riding my motorbike and sea kayak, grow and prepare organic food, and intend to practice Iyengar yoga more regular :-)

I love to analyse people, explore new technologies, and their impact on life. As a User Experience architect, my focus is on concept and content and helping companies transform ideas into digital products by training people in user centred design methods. To find creative solutions, I prefer working in interdisciplinary and agile teams.

Client Services


“Ms. Kreuz helped our internal team with an expert review. We were impressed by the quality of her work!” — Frank Herberg | Conversion Rate Architect, Verivox GmbH

“I commend Susanne Kreuz for doing excellent work as a storyteller for our companies’ reference projects.” — Holger Scheel | Director Corporate Sales & Marketing and Member of the Executive Board, bei cbs Corporate Business Solutions

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