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Terezia Koczka — Partner

West Wycombe, UK

“You have always a minimum of two choices.” — Terezia Koczka

Nationality — Generation: Hungarian— Baby Boomer

I am passionate about coaching, specialised in leadership coaching for corporate leaders and their teams. I discovered that asking questions about challenges and facilitating the exploration of options turned out to be much more efficient than telling people what to do. I have a deep conviction of the power of empowering dialogues evidenced. In the last 20 years of my professional coaching practice, I’ve worked on large-scale international change projects, advising leadership teams about the design and the implementation new structures, processes, creating new vision and strategy for organisations. I am a curious, passionate adventurer, learner and classical music enthusiast.

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“The qualities I appreciate about Terezia are that she is objective, clear, emotionally intelligent, and exceptionally challenging and supporting at the same time. Terezia was definitely my secret weapon in terms of supporting us to think trough the details of our business processes.”— E.C. | CEO

“ The sessions were very beneficial and Iparticularly appreciated Terezia’s questioning style. She has a great positive intent and desire to support me to become more of who i am meant to be. Terezia was very effective in challenging me in the team dynamics. This has helped find a positive shift in my attitude and a greater willingness to express my views and make sure that my needs within the team are met.” — K.S.| Director of Professional Services

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