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Your Great Potential: Unleash Your Leadership

Online and International 8-weeks Lab for Individuals

The Learning Environment and Location

The Challenge

On your journey from a respected expert to a good manager, and then to a great leader, you need to be able to learn from people who have already been on that journey and others who just like you are walking it now. You need a space in which you feel trust so that you can share and tackle your deep concerns about personal and professional challenges that hinder you on your road. A space in which you learn how to foster great relationships, master communication, achieve balance and get in touch with your values. A space in which you feel welcomed to address any question that impacts your performance so that you can be both happy and productive.

Our Lab is designed to help experts and managers to be at their best by eradicating what holds them back and encouraging what nurtures them. That unleashes their potential, performance and productivity. During the course we will cover topics within our Leadership framework:

Unleash Leadership Framework

What You’ll Get

In this developmentally-oriented, hands-on, online course, participants engage in individual and group exercises.

  • 8 Weeks of advanced developmental experiences
  • Generative discussions in 90 minutes online calls
  • Online video calls with peer-to-peer exercises with a focus on deep inner reflection
  • You will have the opportunity to learn and experience different types of spaces from individual, team to group spaces
  • Online group space exclusively for the participants


  • Good internet connection
  • Skype account

How to Take this Leadership Experience or Find out More?

Take this leadership experience or find out more. Start here and we are delighted to help you.

Who Run the Experience

What’s next? Would you like to Unleash Your Leadership?

Would you like to take this leadership experience? Or find out more? Start here and we are delighted to help you.

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