Strategic Alliance Announcement

Founder8 and UnleashLeadership

We announce with great pleasure a strategic alliance between Founder8 and UnleashLeadership.

What this means for Unleash Leadership partners is the first mover opportunity to apply to be a mentor on the Founder8 Platform.

Over the past year, we have been curating, selecting and growing an exceptional network of global and diverse mentors. Today we have grown to 48 partners. This strategic alliance will be one of the ways to realise our vision. We believe that by supporting founders we can realise our vision to be a global leadership marketplace for learning journeys with individuals, teams and organisations, for the greatness and prosperity of all.

As Founder8 rolls out our platform, Founder8 will need a global network of diverse mentors to support the growth of their clients, founders of tech startups This will give founders a unique opportunity to leverage an exceptional network of mentors. Mentors who are both experienced and experts in their fields.

UnleashLeadership Network

We would like to thank everyone who has been and will be with us on our journey, as only together we can thrive, and together we are stronger.

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