Vegard at Impact Hub Westminster, London, UK

Vegard Olsen — Partner

London, United Kingdom

“Whatever the challenge you are facing, whatever you want to achieve, start with your uniqueness!” — Vegard Olsen

I’ve always had a big passion for leadership, branding and identity. Before I started my career as a coach, I worked 6 years within market research and corporate branding where I undertook various leadership roles. Since, I have worked 7 years as a team, leadership and career coach and 3 years as a trainer at “The Coaching School” in London. In my work, I help people understand their strengths and their intentions and steps by step support them to live and work from their uniqueness. This is transformational and fun work that significantly raises your confidence and courage, and help you achieve what’s most important you in your work and life!

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“The coaching with Vegard enabled me to think about the kind of leader I want to be, how I can inspire others and what my long-term vision and mission are and how to create a roadmap to get there. I thoroughly recommend it to others looking to reach their full potential.” — Mia Jafari |Programme manager, Impact HUB Westminster

“Thank you! Transformational — I wondered how much we could really do in 2 hours — love to be proven wrong :)” — Amber Sorrell

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