“I love the feeling of the wind on my face, being out in the open water and feeling free.” — Wendy Spencer

Wendy Spencer — Partner

Wokingham, United Kingdom

“ Just imagine what we could achieve together.” — Wendy Spencer

I am passionate about being a leader who helps building fantastic teams where everyone can make a contribution, air their concerns safely and try things out that might just make a positive difference. I bring 25 years experience in the technology industry in large corporates and 10 years in leadership roles. I have experienced the great times as well as the challenging and unhappy times. I truly believe that work can be awesome, and we can make it that way. It needs attention and support and my mission is to make that reality for as many people as I can.

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“Best team meeting I have had in over 20 years of working here.” — Alan Higginson |Lead Architect @ Oracle

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