ChatGPT Prompts: How to Build a PowerPoint in 7 Easy Steps

Kenneth Lo, PMP
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Looking to craft a PowerPoint slide deck that’ll captivate your audience? With ChatGPT’s help, it’s a breeze! We’ve got seven hilarious yet effective prompts for an AI-focused presentation that’ll charm your non-technical crowd.

Step 1: Pick a Topic

Nail down your topic and objectives — because aimless presentations are so 2020!

I'm making a PowerPoint to introduce AI to the workspace. 
What objectives will keep my audience from daydreaming?

Step 2: Structure an Outline

Build a snazzy outline — a well-structured flow keeps your audience awake and engaged.

Craft me an outline for my AI presentation that's so good, 
it'll make my audience forget their to-do lists.

Step 3: Content is King

Whip up captivating slide content — because bullet points are the lifeblood of PowerPoint magic.

Write 3 snappy key points on AI benefits that'll have non-techies 
nodding in agreement.

Step 4: Visuals

Jazz up slides with eye-catching visuals — the secret sauce to prevent yawn-induced comas.

Suggest a chart or diagram to show AI's impact on industries that'll 
wow even the most jaded PowerPoint veterans.

Step 5: Animations

Sprinkle in smooth transitions and animations — just enough pizzazz without going overboard.

What slide transitions or animations would be suitable for a 
professional presentation about introducing AI to the workspace?

Step 6: Speaker Notes

Craft speaker notes like a pro — your trusty sidekick for a confident delivery.

Cook up speaker notes for a slide on AI challenges that'll 
have me sounding like a seasoned pro.

Step 7: Perfection

Polish and perfect that masterpiece — because you’re not settling for anything less than a standing ovation.

Help me polish my AI presentation to perfection, 
so it's clear, concise, and more engaging than cat videos.

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