what if you only had 827 tweets left? sure, that’s a geeky question that might sounds like i’m completely obsessed with twitter…but i think twitter has always brought out the best, and sometimes the worst, in communication since i started using it.

by being limited to 140 characters, each thing you say really does matter and makes you think about what you’re typing out. no other medium has ever forced us to do that, and for that reason alone, i think twitter is a magnificent invention.

however, all good things must come to an end.

after you read this, i’ll have tweeted 99,173 times. go ahead, read that again. yes, i’m aware that it’s insane. it’s basically 15,000+ tweets a year since i joined the site almost 7 years ago.

i’ve gone through cancer and shared it publicly on the site, i was the first and only person to successfully auction off a twitter name for charity, you’ve helped raise a bunch of money for LiveSTRONG, Make a Wish Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand and i’ve met more awesome people that i can count thanks to twitter. i even have a twitter tattoo or three.

it’s been a fun ride, but the plan has been to say exactly what i wanted to say 100,000 times and then pack it in and retire. the time is coming near and i only don’t have that many tweets left. i’ll have to think more about what i have to say, make sure it’s meaningful and not waste time with nonsense anymore.

i have a total of 115,780 total characters left to tweet.

i hope they’re good ones.

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