barry olanoff, 64 of Boothwyn, PA

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2 min readSep 5, 2015


barry olanoff, a stubborn son of a bitch that came from two other stubborn sons of bitches (rip irvin and leah) lived in darby township and graduated from the high school. he was one of only a few white folks at the school he went to and he thought that gave him a pass to recite richard pryor comedy acts in their entirety. truth is, he would have done it anyways.

he passed away this week on wednesday for reasons we shouldn’t spend time trying to figure out.

he was a hell of a cop who loved the city of colwyn, as tiny as it was. his best friend garrity, who was the chief of police, will probably tell you stories about what a great cop he was. or about how nothing happened in colwyn so it was an easy job. either way, he’ll tell you stories.

he volunteered at the collingdale fire co and his son’s only memory of that is being scared shitless by the visiting philly phanatic (mascot of the phillies). barry thought it was funny and that his son was a sissy. speaking of sports, barry olanoff hated to love every single team in philadelphia. even the arena football league’s philadelphia soul, which “isn’t even a real fucking sport” according to olanoff.

his family loved him dearly but he loved them more. he was proud of every single thing his sister ever did, worshipped the ground that his nieces walked on and tolerated his sons andrew and jake (the dog). his wife joan meant the world to him and was frustrated by him just as much as the rest of the family was. making her a permanent part of the family.

olanoff lived life to the fullest and challenged you to do the same. he is also somewhere smirking about the fact that the eagles cut tim tebow.