Hallo EyeEm!


startups are everywhere. san francisco, philadelphia, seattle, new york city, la and more. i’ve been lucky enough to live and work in those places. i’ve visited cities that were the hq to startups in india, israel, mexico, ireland, the uk, france and now germany. to me, san francisco always feels like home.

as of a few weeks ago, i now feel the same way about berlin.

i really need to learn german.

i picked a pretty good time, too. i got to experience the 4th of july here, and of course the world cup. having said that…

i’m excited to share that i’ve joined eyeem, an awesome company led by a multitalented group of founders and people from almost every nation who truly care about photography, and more importantly, the photographers behind beautiful imagery. i’ll be heading up communications in the us. (see venturevillage.)

these folks are goofy and creative.

i’m also reuniting with someone i think is quite special, markus spiering, who was flickr’s head of product for over 3 years. his passion about community and photography is infectious, and working with him again was simply too good to pass up.

i’ve been given the fantastic opportunity to travel between san francisco and berlin, likely “living” in both cities…and working with an extremely driven team. eyeem is the type of company that could have been launched anywhere and found success, but berlin is eyeem and eyeem is berlin.

community is something that i’m passionate about and photography is an art that i’ve always admired, having been an early flickr user. this time, i get to be directly involved on the inside. i even have some photos for sale on getty thanks to our partnership with them. insane, eh?

more soon, but i’m excited for this next chapter.

team eyeem, and markus with some type of sword. it looks dangerous, but i’m sure it’s not. (update: it’s a selfie stick. really, markus?)
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