ink for a cure.

so i did something for my birthday that i’ve done before, but this time it was different. it was my 33rd birthday, a day that i didn’t think that i’d see for many reasons.

instead of gadgets or physical things, i asked my friends, family and the world to donate to a wonderful cause called alex’s lemonade stand.

i put a twist on things by offering up the ability to have your twitter name tattooed on me if you were the high donor.

we raised $11,365 in just one week. according to alex’s lemonade stand, a donation of $2,000 will fund a week of research. together, we just funded just over a month of research to destroy children’s cancer. in one week. wow.

the high donator? well, i gave him away with the photo. thank you matt, from the bottom of my heart. and thanks to all of you who donated, tweeted and shared. we did this for alex, elena and everyone else who has to battle cancer, especially the kids.

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