Reflections on Rural Wireless: Sarantaporo

Mt. Olympus in clear view, for free and without a penthouse.
The main node of the network, connecting Sarantaporo to the the Internet.
The meeting with the locals, far outnumbered by the curious visitors.

“We could use this technology to coordinate harvests, coordinate with local markets to see what to produce, and at what price. To coordinate with mills for pressing and for processing facilities. To manage the canning facilities, to create a collective brand, to crowdfund instead of using banks. To share tractors! Every farmer has their own tractor and can barely afford it.”

Commodities exchange trading floor, where profits on agricultural products are determined.
The nerve center of Sarantaporo, located in Achilles basement.
It’s like a continuation of the enclosures except now there’s no more land to be kicked off of; we’ll simply to be herded into the cities.
Abdallah Al Shaar from the 15th Garden in Syria presents the project abroad. The 15th Garden uses any available land to produce food for people starving in cities under siege by Assad. Depriving people of food should not be a weapon.



Tales, voices and stories from the unMonastery project.

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