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Best Bitcoin Wallets for Indians

Bitcoin wallets are wallets that exist as software programs that help store and exchange bitcoin among users and provide proprietorship of the balance to the owner. Know all about them, the best ones available in India and frequently asked questions about them in this article.

  • Next, open your bitcoin wallet and paste the receiver’s address under the “Send” feature.
  • Click on Send after confirming the bitcoin amount and the receiver’s address.
  1. Exodus Bitcoin Wallet
    Exodus Bitcoin Wallet provides private keys of their bitcoin wallet on any of the Windows, Mac, and Linux PC equipment. One has to download the Exodus application to use the wallet. This wallet has over 110 crypto resources, which makes it user-friendly and flexible. Anyone can send and get bitcoin or other digital money using the QR code of Exodus Bitcoin wallet.
  2. Trust Bitcoin
    Trust Bitcoin focuses on cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and also helps people use Binance to trade. It ensures privacy and security on computerized resources and private keys with PINs and biometrics. Trust Bitcoin allows its users to buy some bitcoin under five minutes. Users can easily earn interest on a cryptocurrency in their wallet and track charts and prices of their investment.
  3. Cool Wallet S
    Cool Wallet S is one of the best crypto wallet apps that also offer a hardware wallet that anyone can use on their Android or iOS devices. When it comes to using hardware wallets, many users are concerned about its battery charge retaining capability. Cool Wallet S has sorted this by offering hardware that can be charged in two hours and which retains a backup charge of three months. In this wallet, the private keys are put away in a chipset, thus ensuring optimum security.
  4. Zebpay
    When it comes to using a user-friendly interface, Zebpay offers one of the good crypto wallet apps in India. The platform allows its users to transact their crypto coins across through their hosted wallet.
  5. Guarda Wallet
    Guarda Wallet deals with 100+ types of cryptocurrencies. It never stores a user’s private keys and data. It utilizes encryption innovation to secure sensitive data of its users. At Guarda Wallet, you are the only owner of your private keys, which allows safe management of cryptocurrencies.
    Users are also offered staking opportunities where they can easily earn cryptocurrency by staking (holding) their bitcoin. With its multi-signature feature, Guarda Wallet gives the opportunity for two or more users to sign transactions. This ensures maximum security and safe wallet transactions.
  6. Ledger Nano X
    Ledger Nano X is a USB type best bitcoin wallet with secure chips and is compatible with Windows 8+, macOS 10+. It allows users to use 24 coins and 1250+ ERC-20 tokens legitimately from a PC or cell phone. It can be purchased legitimately from the Ledger online store.
  1. Can I use two Bitcoin Wallets?
    Yes, you can use two (or multiple) bitcoin wallets on separate platforms.
  2. What is the best and safest Bitcoin wallet?
    Unocoin is the most trusted crypto trading platform offering an app including a wallet for cryptocurrency transactions in India. It is considered the best and safest and easiest bitcoin wallet in India due to lightweight, security and ease of use.



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