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Ethereum vs Bitcoin — The Future of Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum or Bitcoin? The debate rages on, but in essence, the two are quite different and can even complement each other for certain use cases. Read on to know more.

Ethereum or Bitcoin — which one should you choose?

A Brief about Digital Currencies

About Unocoin

Comparison between the two top cryptocurrencies

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

What are the features of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, since the outset, has been ambitious and truly democratic in its reach, and it thus paved the way for all the cryptocurrencies that followed. Being decentralized, it is not yet recognized as a formal medium of payment. However, cryptocurrency has still found a way to coexist with the existing financial system even after the continuous scrutiny and debate.

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

What are the features of Ethereum?

When smart contracts and decentralized applications are deployed on Ethereum, they can be run without fraud, downtime, control, or even disturbance from a third party.

Key Differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin




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