Become a wire.

Power cannot be possessed, only used. The people who we say have the most power, merely use the most power. Power exists. It is in nature. Use it, or lose it. Tap into the infinite. Let it surge through you. Become a wire. Provide no resistance to expression. Let creation move through you. Not My Will be done; there is no power in my will. Not My Voice be heard; there is no power in my voice. Give a voice to the muse. The dance is dancing me! The Word, become my flesh! Ideas, incarnate through me! Behold, The Invasion; the invasion of Aeon is at hand! Fana! I don’t exist; I am a shadow, a memory, a wanderer in these shadowlands. When I cease to exist, when I cease to care, when I fully surrender my will, and commit it completely to the beyond: only then, when I cease to exist, do I finally exist. Only when I cease to see the physical world with my eyes, do I see the many worlds of possibilities. Faintly, I remember. My learning is a remembering, and my creating, a returning. Only then, when I let something speak through me, do I finally speak words of power. I corrupt everything I touch. All the works of my hands are stillborn. All words I utter are fallen. I taint the light shining through my obsidian soul. But I am nonetheless, glass. Nonetheless, a wire. And when a wire receives too much, too much power, it explodes.